What happened at lazyness tattoo in september

After being off for the whole month of august, it was finally time for me to get back on the track with a cool project including some cadaveras faces! No need to tell you how happy i was to ear the noise of the coil machine. Despites my 3 weeks off, i was surprised to see that i was felling good. It’s still a long way, but i’m progressing slowly and surely.

It was also time for me to take part to the hygiene rules course. This course is mandatory is France to be a tattoo artist. It was really interesting to complete my knowledge with thos importants rules! Another cool things is that is was a good accasion to meet and exchange with some others apprentice or confirmed artist. (i advice you to have a look at Thibaud Roca instagram if you like traditionnal tattoo, you’ll appreciate for sure).

Beside all this, i made some little change with the stuff i use for tattooing. I’m now using the kwadron needle, which are a way better than killer ink precision. I can defenitly say that it’s a game changer.

you’ll find a gallery of my tattoo below

(will post pics soon, meanwhile you can have a look on the french version of this post)